Vienna Tester Gathering – EuroSTAR Roadshow 2016

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INTRODUCTION On Thursday August 18, 2016 I hosted the Vienna Tester Gathering together with my colleagues from EBCONT proconsult Eduard (@), Melanie and Dominik. The topic was the EuroSTAR 2016 conference theme “Learning to Test, Testing to Learn”. I usually organise the Vienna Tester Gathering somewhere in a pub in Vienna as a kind of […]

Austrian Testing Board – Agile Testing Traps

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On Wednesday 13 April 2016 I had the chance to give a talk at the Austrian Testing Board about Agile Testing – Traps to avoid. A special thanks goes to Janet Gregory who allowed me to use the basic principles of her talk Testing Traps to Avoid in Agile Teams given at Skillsmatter London in […]

EuroSTAR 2014 Dublin

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This year I had the chance to attend my first EuroSTAR conference. The event took place in Dublin at the Dublin Convention Center. A fantastic venue for events the size of EuroSTAR. DAY 1 Unfortunatley I did not book a workshop on Monday, so my first session was on Thursday. I started the day with […]

Vienna Tester Gathering – November 2013

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On 21 November 2013 we met for the last Vienna Tester Gathering of the year. In the end there were 50% new folks showing up. Well, we were only 4 so 50% could lead to a wrong impression here :-) As usual we did a Lean Coffee and came up with the following topics to […]

42 things about the Agile Testing Days 2013

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My 42 impressions of the #agileTD conference from October 2013 in Potsdam/Berlin. Workshops Lean Coffee Sami Söderblom: Flying under the radar Andrea Tomasini: To be or not to be (Agile) Mary Gorman: Agile Testing – Strength through Interdependence SOASTA – Performance Testing Consensus Talks Peter Saddington: The science behind high-performance teams Halloween Party MIATPP Award Mentalist […]

Session-Based Test Management template

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Since I got in contact with the idea of Session Based Test Management by James Bach I am a big supporter of this approach. It really helps a lot in reporting the results of exploratory testing. A great tool I found is the Rapid Reporter. Unfortunately it only works on Windows. When I was working […]