Agile & Lean Coffee – GetKanban

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On the 9th of February 2015 I went to the Agile & Lean Coffee Vienna (Limited WIP Society) organised by LEANability and hosted by Austrian Lotteries. This time the theme was to play a board game – namely a round of getKanban. Around 20 people showed up with a complete diverse background ranging from Product Owners, Project Managers, […]

A Kanban focused Test Project – Part II

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This post is a follow up from “A Kanban focused Test Project – Part 1“. Part 1 was more about the Kanban side of the project where this post should highlight the testing perspective of it. Because there are no clear requirements we perform test sessions – see Session Based Test Management. Within a Test […]

A Kanban focused Test Project – Part I

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Introduction This blog post is about a Test Project I am currently running. Although I am a supporter of Agile Methodologies like Scrum and Kanban there is still a need for “traditional” Test Projects. So how can we approach such a Test Project with some inputs from Agile Methodologies? Given the time constraint and unclear […]