Mind how you present your data

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Introduction Last year at the Agile Testing Days 2013 in Potsdam there was a great presentation by David  Evans about “Visualizing Quality”. It was about different ways of presenting data. One of the examples was the London Underground map. Lancaster Gate to Paddington Let’s say you are a tourist in London standing just outside Lancaster Gate […]

Some thoughts about trust

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I recently attended the Scrum Tuesday meetup in Vienna. One of the topics we were talking about was trust in a team. After the meetup I remembered Mary Gorman’s talk at the Agile Testing Days 2013 about Strength trhough Interdependence. In my daily work I can see a lot of distrust in teams and organizations. […]

Vienna Tester Gathering – November 2013

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On 21 November 2013 we met for the last Vienna Tester Gathering of the year. In the end there were 50% new folks showing up. Well, we were only 4 so 50% could lead to a wrong impression here :-) As usual we did a Lean Coffee and came up with the following topics to […]

42 things about the Agile Testing Days 2013

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My 42 impressions of the #agileTD conference from October 2013 in Potsdam/Berlin. Workshops Lean Coffee Sami Söderblom: Flying under the radar Andrea Tomasini: To be or not to be (Agile) Mary Gorman: Agile Testing – Strength through Interdependence SOASTA – Performance Testing Consensus Talks Peter Saddington: The science behind high-performance teams Halloween Party MIATPP Award Mentalist […]

Session-Based Test Management template

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Since I got in contact with the idea of Session Based Test Management by James Bach I am a big supporter of this approach. It really helps a lot in reporting the results of exploratory testing. A great tool I found is the Rapid Reporter. Unfortunately it only works on Windows. When I was working […]

Vienna Tester Gathering – September 2013

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After the summer break we got togehter again to talk about Software Testing and Software Quality related topics within the context of the Vienna Tester Gathering. Same place, same time but this time with 4 new people on board and a total of  8 interested folks. A big thank you to everyone who has participated […]

Success through honesty

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It is already a while ago since I left the best project I have ever worked on. Retrospectively looking back there were a lot of good things we did. One of the factors for success was definitely the company culture that enabled everything we did. But the team itself with an external Agile coach came […]

Perceptions vs. Reality and real data

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I am just about to read the book “7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen Covey.  In the first two chapters I stumbled across an example of how we perceive the world and our paradigms. It is basically about the models in our head and how we see the world compared to how others […]