Agile Testing Days 2016


I did it again! From 5th – 8th of December 2016 I went to the Agile Testing Days conference in Berlin/Potsdam. Last year I had the chance to do a Lightning Talk on “The Ladder of Inference” and this year I was given the chance for a 30 minute talk on “(Exploratory) Testing under the bonnet – What you see ain’t all there is“.

Agile Testing Days is one of the best conferences I have been to. It perfectly brings together my passions for “agile” and “testing”. Not just from a technical perspective but also from a business, product management and coaching point of view.

Additionally to talks, workshops and open spaces there were a lot of social activities. And that is what a conference is all about. It’s not just sitting down and listening. It is about actively participating, talking to people and having fun – a lot of fun.

My top 5 talks of the conference:

  1. Story and Example Mapping Mashup by Lisa Crispin and JoEllen Carter
    This workshop was all about creating a Story Map and Example Maps.
  2. From Waterfall to Agile – The advantage is clear by Michael “The Wanz” Wansley
    This was a very inspiring keynote as Michael works again as a QA Engineer after a short side trip into music business (Thrift Shop).
  3. Once upon a time … by Alex Schladebeck and Huib Schoots
    In this keynote it was all about story telling and how we communicate with telling stories. Why do we rely on numbers and old fashioned reports when we can tell so much more with words?!
  4. The Tinder project – how to test the right swipes by Ida Karine Bohlin
    This was very funny. Ida Karine was talking about her way to find someone on Tinder in the Agile way. She told us about her requirements in a men and her iterative way to meet people (sprints, retrospectives, etc). Very funny!
  5. Designed to Learn – by Melissa Perri
    Melissa, a product management coach, did a keynote about designed products. She clearly highlighted why it is so important to understand your customers. Don’t just improve marketing initiatives and put money on features no one is using. Ask your clients why they don’t use a certain feature respectively a product. And do experiments. Don’t plan everything but do small experiments to confirm ideas – even before you write code.


My talk about (Exploratory) Testing under the bonnet – What you see ain’t all there is was ok. I finished a bit too early. However I think I was able to bring across the main idea. One thing I definitely improved again is talking in front of people – so a big thanks to the community who voted for me in the Speech Clash and a big thank you to Diaz & Hilterscheid for offering such great opportunities.

Agile Testing Days 2016 – This was f*ck*ng awesome.

Already looking forward to 2017.



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