AUGENHÖHEwege film premiere

On Friday, 4th of March 2016 I went to the film premiere of AUGENHÖHEwege. AUGENHÖHEwege is the sequel to AUGENHÖHE which was published last year. Both films are about new ways of working together in organisations and teams. It’s about self-organisation, leadership, transparency etc. A lot of different people from companies in Germany, Austria ans Switzerland talk about their organisations and how they started to work differently.

So on Friday I went to see the AUGENHÖHEwege premiere in Vienna. The premiere was not only in Vienna but in 9 other cities in the DACH region at the same time with around 1000 attendees. To my surprise I did not met a lot of “Agile” people. In fact there was a big diversity in people and companies from production, digital agencies and education to health care etc.

The event started with a short introduction before we watched the film. According to the content and philosophy of the project the location of the event was perfectly chosen. It was at Wohnprojekt Wien. The Wohnprojekt Wien is a self organising group of people living together in a kind of community.

After the film we got together in small groups to reflect and talk about our own experiences and desires to change the way we work.

It was a fantastic event where I met a lot of new people from outside the IT and the discussions we had were great. I like the fact the a lot of people care about their work environment, the way they work in teams and organisations and how they look for a meaning in their work.

The AUGENHÖHE team started something that might have a big impact on the future of organisations. If you are interested just watch the movie (the first one is also with English subtitles) and get involved to be part of the change.