Display Dummies as Personas

Yesterday I had a curious, funny and creative idea. There is a big chance that I might move on and take on another role for
another project where the client wants to be “Agile”.

I started to think about all the possibilities and one thing that came to my mind was Personas. There is a lot of information available on the internet about what Personas are and how to use and create them.

The next thing that came to my mind was a display dummy. Please don’t ask me why – I can’t tell.

Nevertheless, let’s combine these two thoughts. What about using display dummies as personas?

Just go and get some display dummies, dress them up, give them names and place them in your project room. Instead of printing photos and information about your personas and putting them onto a wall you could use something that is more realistic. Namely a display dummy.

The thing about display dummies is that you can change their clothes as the customer might change behaviour as well. Maybe there are some display dummies available where you can change the mimic too.

I have never tried it myself as it just came to my mind. However, isn’t it funny?

I am pretty sure that there are companies and teams out there crazy enough to make use of it.

You don’t really have to buy a new one. Just look around at flea-markets, sale of shops closing down etc.

Please let me know if someone used it before or is going to use it in future.