Agile Tour Vienna 2014

On Saturday 8th of November the Agile Tour Vienna 2014 took place at FH Technikum Wien. Around 200 people interested in Agile and Lean topics came along. I personally had the chance to give a talk about “Agile & Lean – The real life“.

The Agile Tour Vienna started with a warm-up session by Sven Schweiger and Mike Leber introducing Scrum and Kanban in a nutshell. The first keynote of the day was by Jeff Patton. He was talking about “Stop writing software and start making products”. It was a fantastic presentation including thoughts about visualization, user experience etc. Although there were some technical problems in the beginning it all worked out fine. Jeff did some live drawing during his talk which I really enjoyed.

After the keynote there were a lot of sessions, topic tables and an open space. As usual it was hard to decide where to go and what to hear.

In the afternoon it was my turn and I think my presentation was not too bad. I got some good feedback and we had a good discussion after the talk. I appreciate the feedback and tips for improvement for the next time. Thank you.

The closing keynote of the Agile Tour Vienna was “Continuous delivery gone bad” by Gojko Adzic. Again a brilliant talk highlighting a lot of problems we can possibly run into with continuous delivery at the wrong time. Fast is not always good is the phrase I will remember. Just imagine a Porsche sports car and a big fat burger from a fast food chain.

I really enjoyed the event despite I was a bit nervous before my talk. I am already looking forward to the Agile Tour Vienna 2015.