Are you prepared to expect the unexpected?

“Austrian football player Andres Ulmer played 37 out of 36 games in the 2008/09 season”

I just stumbled across this headline on the internet. But how did this happen?

In 2008 Andreas Ulmer moved from SV Ried to Red Bull Salzburg. While playing for SV Ried he was in the starting eleven in every game. After his move to Red Bull Salzburg he also played every single game for his new club. However Red Bull Salzburg had a match postponed which they played after Ulmer’s transfer.


So he played 37 out of 36 games.

In terms of software testing and product development we have to expect the unexpected. Let’s consider a software for sports analytics or something similar. Does it support playing more games than there are rounds in a season? What’s happening in this case?

Reading bollocks on the internet is not always crap and wasted time. In this case I just expanded my sense for questioning and curiosity which I can use for my daily testing activities including finding new test ideas.