Curiosity did not kill the cat

A while ago I read an article in the news about Nintendo saying NO to gay-marriage in their game Tomodachi Life. This made me curious. I am currently working on a project where the application deals with peoples master data. One of the functionalities is relationships between people – the marriage is one of them.

I immediately opened the application and tried to create a marriage relationship between two men. What was the outcome? It is not allowed!!! So far so good.

Given that I am from Austria and a gay-marriage is not a valid relationship status to be in. Austria only allows so called registered partnerships.

I went on and did some research around this topic. And I came across an article saying that a gay-marriage in Austria is allowed when both partners have the nationality from a country where it is allowed.

I opend the application again, created two persons both from the Netherlands (where gay-marriage is valid) and I tried to create a relatsionship of the type marriage between them.

Guess what! It is now allowed. The error/warning dialog says that a same-sex marriage is not a valid combination.

It is clearly not working according to law. The question is if anyone will ever use it that way. The workaround would be to create a relatonship of the type ‘registered partnership’. Noone will ever notice a difference. Or maybe they will at some point when it comes to statistics and you deliver wrong data.

So it could be a quality issue and curiosity did not kill the cat – it is still there!