Some thoughts about trust


I recently attended the Scrum Tuesday meetup in Vienna. One of the topics we were talking about was trust in a team. After the meetup I remembered Mary Gorman’s talk at the Agile Testing Days 2013 about Strength trhough Interdependence.

In my daily work I can see a lot of distrust in teams and organizations. The customer does not trust you to deliver good software. The project manager or product owner does not trust the team to deliver good software. The software tester does not trust the developer and the QA Manager does not trust the software tester etc etc etc.

On a daily basis we come across a lot of distrust between people working together towards a shard goal.

trust_meThe strange thing is that we have no trust in our colleagues but we do completely trust strangers. For instance:

  • we trust the bus driver although we do not know the person
  • we trust the pilot of an airplane although we do not know the person
  • we go to a new restaurant and trust the chef although we do not know the person

Isn’t that weird?

I don’t have a solution but I just wanted to free my mind of this thoughts …

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