Vienna Tester Gathering – November 2013


20131121_194758On 21 November 2013 we met for the last Vienna Tester Gathering of the year. In the end there were 50% new folks showing up. Well, we were only 4 so 50% could lead to a wrong impression here :-)

As usual we did a Lean Coffee and came up with the following topics to talk about.

  • Test Automation
  • Test Reporting with Notepad
  • Test Management with Mindmaps
  • Test Tools
  • Crowdtesting
  • Latency Testing with WANEM
  • TDD
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Integration Testing

For me personally Crowdtesting is quite an interesing topic to look into and consider. I am not going into any detail here but just wanted to list a few of the providers like Testbirds, uTest, Testhub, Passbrains etc. When it comes to Crowdtesting we all agreed that it does not replace existing testing methods but is rather an add-on focusing on different aspects like usability with real users under real circumstances.

All in all it was again an informative Gathering with interesting topics and new people from Testplus. I am absolutely looking forward to the next one in January 2014.

Watch out! One of the guys who could not attend this time told me about a surprise for the best rated topic at the next Gathering. I have got no idea what it is either!!!

3 thoughts on “Vienna Tester Gathering – November 2013

  1. Sounds interesting, I might come :) If Michael Bolton is also here, it will get even more interesting, I saw him on the EuroSTAR 2010 in Copenhagen, and he left quite an impression.

  2. Ah I just saw this was about the meeting in November :) I just read about this one which is coming in April on xing, and I thought it would be the same :)

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