Vienna Tester Gathering – September 2013

After the summer break we got togehter again to talk about Software Testing and Software Quality related topics within the context of the Vienna Tester Gathering.

Same place, same time but this time with 4 new people on board and a total of  8 interested folks. A big thank you to everyone who has participated in the discussions.

We agreed to do a Lean Coffee and came up with the following agende for the evening:

  • Software Testing vs. Quality Assurance
  • Testdata generation
  • Automated functional test set integration to CI Process
  • Mobile Testing
  • UI Testing with MVVM pattern
  • Test management & practical implementation
  • Service virtualization (who?/where?)
  • Testing of legacy systems, Legacy -> Agile, Regression Testing
  • Requirements Engineering – Soft or Hard Skill?
  • Unit Testing for Androind (Robolectric)

Looking back it was a great and productive meet up and  I am already looking forward to the next gathering in November 2013.