The Austrian Software Testing Job market – A report


I finally did it. Since I am back in Vienna I had the idea to analyse the Austrian/Vienna Testing job market. My perception was that companies are looking extensively for traditional software tester. By traditional I mean manual testing at the end of a project in a separate team.

It is not a big profound analysis but it does give an overview of the skills and job titles companies are looking for at the moment.

The analysis is based on search results from job platforms like, etc.

Testing Skills

The diagram below highlights the current demand of testing skills on the market.











What we can see from the diagram is that there is not really a big demand for agile testing. Maybe there is but the job descriptions just do not say so. However Test Automation skills show a significant demand. Testing approaches like Exploratory Testing, Rapid Software Testing and Session Based Test Management are not even mentioned here.

Does this analysis give us an overview of the state of the Austrian IT market in general? Quite likely. I have personally experienced that testing is still seen as a phase at the end of a project done by a completely separate team. When I talk to people about software testing their view is that some guys just click around in the application. A lot of people think that you just have to take some students and they are going to execute the tests.

Nevertheless we have to be clear that this diagram only got data from career platforms. What I have learned is that smaller companies and start-ups do not put their job offerings on these platforms. So what does this mean? Do only small companies apply agile methodologies and are only small companies ready for applying new approaches?

Job Titles

After I analysed the demand of skills I put the job titles into a diagram as shown in the image below.









What I do see from these data is that there is little demand for Test Consultants and Test/Quality Managers. The biggest demand however is for Software Tester. Software Test Engineers and Test Developers, who are more technically capable, are less significant than Software Tester.


In my opinion the Austrian/Vienna testing job market is still very traditionally orientated. I think that it still takes some time to apply new ideas and open the mindsets. The danger however is that once the new ideas are seen as valid there are already new things out there.

With respect to those companies who do apply new ideas and methodologies I would be happy to get in touch for sharing knowledge and experiences etc.

Maybe the Vienna Tester Gathering is a good place for it. (just some advertisement for my event :-)

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