Li(n)king my old posts

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I would like to link to my old blog posts I have written during my time with Caplin Systems. Mutation Testing – Killed or survived?  Why 100% Code Coverage is not enough Pairwise Testing QA Brown Bag sessions Technical and Non-Technical aspects of Test Automation What Jasmine thinks of Given-When-Then syntax

Why it matters whose opinion matters

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Introduction Lately I was involved in a discussion about validating input fields on a web GUI. The question was whether or not to validate the value entered by the user immediately after setting it. There was no specific requirement for it. However with respect to usability we were looking for an appropriate answer to this […]

Transforming a Technical Jour Fixe into a Lean Coffee

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Introduction One of the clients I am working with has got a weekly Technical Jour Fix scheduled. The goal of this meeting is to get the different teams together. It should encourage them to  talk about current issues and share the knowledge between the teams. I noticed pretty quickly that the meetings were not running […]

Open Space Night at xp2013

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Yesterday I attended the Open Space Night at xp2013. A big thank you to dieProjektur for sponsoring the ticktet to the event. To be honest I was not quite sure what to expect from an Open Space Night. To me it sounded like a get together. I was prooved wrong. Looking back to last night’s event […]