What’s wrong when you are bored as a tester?


Quite often it is the case that testers are the bottleneck within an agile iteration. But there is also the other side. Testers can get bored quite easily too.

A few points in my opinion why a tester gets bored.

  1. First of all if the mindset of the team does not correspond with the agile mindset it is hard to be an agile tester on the team.
  2. When an agile methodology is applied within a Waterfall/V-Model project, testing might be seen as a waste of time during an interation. Why should we test right now, there is a separate testing phase later?
  3. When an iteration becomse a mini waterfall where everything gets finished to the end of the iteration and testing suddenly moves from bored to bottleneck.
  4. Developers take too long to finish tasks.
  5. Developers are too busy to finish something rather than working towards finishing the right thing.
  6. Technical Tasks/Stories are not seen as a testable artifact although it is likely that they are going to change the functionality/behaviour of the application.

I have experienced such a situation and I believe there is more to add.

Feel free to comment on this post to share your experience/impressions.

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