Vienna Tester Gathering – 18 April 2013


On 13 April 2013 the third Vienna Tester Gathering took place at Plutzerbräu.

The two topics of the evening were:

  • What tools are available for tester beside test automation tools and test management tools
  • Inattentional Blindness experiment


6 people joined the event which was quite international with 1 person from Hungary, 1 person from Scotland 2 Bulgarians and 2 Austrians. Luckily the weather was perfect for sitting outside in the beer garden.

Inattentional Blindness in Testing

inattentionalBlindnessMonkeyInspired by Dan Ashby’s blog “Learn from the Inattentional Blindness in your testing!”  I wanted to do an experiment by showing the following Youtube video where you have to count the passes during a short basketball game while a gorilla is walking through the scene.

Unfortunately the internet connection was a bit slow and the video just stopped when the gorilla was standing right in the middle. That’s what I call bad luck!

Nevertheless we had a good discussion about Inattentional Blindness in Software Testing.

 Software Testing Tools

The second topic was about Software Testing Tools beside Test Automation and Test Management. There were great inputs from going out to the street and talk to real people, using a camera to record the mimic of the end user to testing with a braille keyboard.

Then someone said YOUTUBE. Yes youtube can be a tool that helps you with software testing. The guy is working for a sports betting company where they do not only implement the front end for the end user but also backend tools for the bookmakers. He said that a colleague of him is watching football games or tennis matches on youtube and simulates real scenarios for his tests of the bookmaking system. That makes perfectly sense to me. How does the application under test behave with real data and real scenarios. Great idea!

It was again a cool event, talking about some testing stuff, getting new ideas and meeting new people. I am quite happy with it and it will continue next month.

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