Software Quality Breakfast Vienna

Today I went to the Software Quality Breakfast in Vienna organised by Software Quality Lab. It was a fantastic start into the day with a short 70 minute talk about Unit Testing while having breakfast and coffee from the buffet.

The talk itself was very basic and gave a brief overview what unit testing is. There were some test code examples around Quick-Sort and Bubble-Sort with some good discussions.

Most surprisingly or let’s say it differently, most shockingly were the 2 questions to the audience.

  1. How many of you have already written some unit tests?
    Around 90% of the audience raised their hands saying they had contact with unit testing.
  2. How many of you practice unit testing regularly at work?
    This was the shocking bit. Only a handful of people raised their hands (maybe 10-20% of the audience).

Given the fact that unit testing is not really practiced out there made me think that a lot of companies still work the old traditional way where there is no time and no money for testing respectively quality products. Unit Testing is not necessarily only for Agile approaches. But I bet that those people who said they are not writing unit tests are working in traditional environments.

Summarising the event it was definitely worth attending. The talk about unit testing was a bit basic for my taste. However it was great to have a relaxed breakfast while listening to the presentation. Seeing that only 10-20% practice unit testing was quite interesting.

And last but not least. For handing in the feedback form we got the book “the art of UNIT TESTING  – with Examples in .NET” by Roy Osherove.