How small groups form against bigger groups – and there are exceptions

Out of a discussion with my wife about some ignorant people living on the country side who have never been to a big city before or just do not like the people living in cities I came up with a metaphor.

Let’s say we have some football supporters for two teams. Each group is cheering for their team of course. The same is valid for people living in neighour villages or in different counties. There is always a bit of a rival and jokes about the other side.

But for instance when it comes to a football game where Austria is playing Germany all of a sudden the small rival groups form to a bigger one and the rivalry steps to the next level. Now we have two countries making jokes of each other etc.

The next step could be a cultural thing. Both countries, Austria and Germany are in Europe. So both groups are likely to form to a European group against other continents.

Now we have covered our planet from small groups of rivalry to a continent of rivalry.

And I am pretty sure the whole world would create a force against aliens should they be somewhere out there 🙂

In summary we have the following levels:

  • City vs City
  • County vs County
  • Country vs Country
  • Continent vs Continent
  • Planet Eart vs Aliens

Whether we are at work, with our friends or on holiday – it shows that human beings are somewhat of gregarious animals. But there are always people going their own way by swimming against the stream.